Unity & Diversity, challenges of the Burmese transition


by Carine Jaquet

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After more than half a century of military dictatorship, Myanmar is experiencing an unprecedented political transition since its Independence in 1948. The first semi-civilian government took function in 2011. Since then, it has been trying to pacify the country, which had faced the longest civil war of history for more than 60 years, and to open its economy, inherited from a heavy and fossilized state system. The current government officially recognizes at least 135 ethnic groups in a country slightly larger than France. Having to deal with such a mosaic, the central power always tried to unify the country from the independence of 1948, politically when possible, militarily when it met resistances.
Due to its complexity and to the fact that it may endanger both the economy and security of the country, the handling of the ethnic and religious diversity will be a determinant factor for the future of Myanmar and for the long-term impact of its current transition.

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